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As a club we have adopted once again making Beads of Courage® boxes with a time target of delivering them for display at the AAW Symposium in downtown Atlanta June 8th.  Steve Pritchard the Atlanta Local Laison for the event has set a goal of 750 boxes.  Last year in Pittsburg they had about 400.  So far 18 clubs in the southeast have committed to make 482.  Our club has committed to make 25.  Last year AWG made 18 that were displayed at the Dalton Symposium in September 2015.  We are hoping we can do even more than 25.  This is a wonderful program that blesses the lives of very ill children and their families.  In Dalton last September the mother of a BOC child spoke to us about how much the boxes mean to the kids.  There was not a dry eye in the room as she spoke. There is a great deal of information on this page.  To help you navigate quicker, you may simply click on one of the following words:  Beads of Courage® Box Guidelines, Beads of Courage® Flyer, Beads of Courage® Box Tutorial and Samples of Beads of Courage® boxes from 2015.






Beads of Courage® Box Guidelines

Beads of Courage® Guidelines

In response to this overwhelming support, the Beads of Courage® program has released the following new guidelines regarding boxes.  If you have already made boxes that don’t comply with the guidelines, don’t worry – they will still take the boxes.  Just try to ensure that all new boxes fit within the guidelines. 


  • Recommended interior dimensions for turned boxes are 6” diameter (5” minimum), 5” height (4” minimum).  Recommended interior dimensions for flatwork boxes are 4” x 6” x 4.”

  • Box bases should be wide enough so the box is stable and does not tip over easily.  Lids should be easy for small or ill children to remove or lift.  Any finials should be easy for a small child to grasp and not too elaborate so they don’t break.  Avoid excessively elaborate designs that may easily break or be damaged.

  • Finishing of boxes is extremely important!   Beads of Courage members who receive these boxes are susceptible to germs/infections/molds.  Bowls that have not been properly sealed can harbor mold.  Please take the time to ensure you are using a safe finishing process that does not contain toxic materials.  Also, do not use finishes like linseed oil that take a long time to off gas.

  • All kinds of wood are beautiful!  Please refrain from painting Beads of Courage boxes.  Instead, highlight the beauty of the wood with clear varnish or stain, and/or burning.

  • Embed the Beads of Courage logo bead in the design of the box.  If this is not possible, burn or letter Beads of Courage onto the lid or side of the box.  Complete a Beads of Courage artist card and place it in the completed box.

  • It is nice if you can personalize your donation.  Marking your name or initials, type(s) of wood, and date on the box bottom is one way.  It is also nice to enclose a personal note of encouragement, business, card, etc. inside the box.


Beads of Courage® Flyer

Beads of Courage® Flyer

Beads of Courage® Box Tutorial - By Harvey Meyer

Beads of Courage® Bos Tutorial
Beads of Courage® Box Tutorial Part 1 (Recorded May 28, 2015 by Mike Peace)
Beads of Courage® Box Tutorial Part 2 (Recorded May 28, 2015 by Mike Peace)
Beads of Courage® Box Tutorial Part 3 (Recorded May 28, 2015 by Mike Peace)
2015 Samples

2016 Beads of Courage® Promo Video

2015 Sampling of Beads of Courage® Boxes

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