Monthly Meeting

Jan 15
Kurt's demo will be on pens.
Feb 19
Kirk's demo will be on surface enhancements
Mar 18
The March meeting was canceled due to the coronavirus.
Apr 23
Cindy Drozda
IRD - Cindy makes a lidded box
May 20

Harvey Meyer

IRD - Harvey demonstrates a pedestal lidded box
Jun 18
Mike Peace
IRD - Mike will  make chess pieces
Jul 15
IRD - Dennis' demo will be "When Good Wood Cracks".  Dennis will present a series of techniques that take the curse of a crack and turn it into an artistic opportunity.
Aug 19
IRD - Jason's demo will be "Multi Axis Box With a Twist.  Jason will start with some simpler multi axis spindles to explain the basic approach to multi axis turning before moving on to the creation of a multi-axis lidded box. He will turn the outside of the box so it has 3 distinct faces that twist 120 degrees along the length of the box.
Sep 16
John Beaver
IRD - John's demo will be on bangles. This is a good beginner demo but a lot of fun for turners of all levels. Bangles make great gifts for wives, daughters and friends, or for the women in the audience - yourself. They are also great items to add to your craft show booth. Anyone with a basic turning set can make a bangle. In this demo John will demonstrate various ways to mount and turn wood bangles. John will show you specialized tools you can buy to make the process easier, but he will also show you how to use tools you already have to accomplish the same thing. It's amazing how something as simple as a rubber band can make a big difference in the way you use a basic tool. There are many ways to turn bangles and you will see lots of options so you can find the technique that's best for you. John will also cover bangle sizes and talk about different styles so you can create your own unique bangles.
Oct 21
Club Members
IRD - Member's will show us their tips and jigs that are used their shop.
Nov 18
Craig Timmerman
IRD - Craig's demo will be a torus vase.
Dec 4
Holiday Party

​Come on, come all to our annual holiday party. Please bring a small gift wrapped in our traditional brown paper bag. Turned gifts are preferred, but you could always toss in something else turning related,

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