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Calendar of Events

Following is a list of Guild events scheduled for 2024.
Visit this page again regularly to review updates to topics or presenters, or to see any revisions to the schedule.
Monthly Meetings and Other Events

1/18    Mark Sillay           Shaping Specialty Tools and Their Application

2/15    Glen Withrow       Beads of Courage Bowl Lid

3/15    Rudy Lopez         Thin Stem Natural Edge Goblet from a Limb

4/19    Harvey Meyer      Natural Edge Bowl

5/17    Ken Rizza            Sharpening and Sanding

5/20   Tool Exchange at Woodcraft of Atlanta

6/21    Michael Gibson   Thin-walled Asian Rice Bowl

7/19    Peggy Schmid     Polymer Clay Canes

8/16    All Members        Jigs & Fixtures

9/20    Mike Peace         Thread Chasing

10/18  Charlie Levan      Turned Boxes with Finials

11/15  Walt Wager         Native American Hollow Forms

12/5    Holiday Party      >> At Brimstone Restaurant & Tavern <<

Monthly Hands-On-Turning (H.O.T.) Sessions​

1/4    Hans Meier            Rolling Pins

2/1    Dan Douthart         Offset Lidded Box

3/1    Wayne Johnson     Decorating a 10-Inch Platter

4/5    Arnie Moore          Turning a Small Laminated Bowl

5/3    Glen & Katie          Beads of Courage Boxes    

6/7    Katie Navarro        Turning Wands

7/5    Glen Withrow         Natural Edge Bowl

8/2    Harvey Meyer        Lidded Boxes

9/6    Arnie Moore          Layered Bowls

10/4  Mike Peace           Thread Chasing

11/1  Katie Navarro        Acorn Boxes

12/6  Charlie Levan        Turning Ornaments

1/3/2024     Arnie Moore   Beads of Courage Boxes - Part 1: cutting & glue-up

1/17/2024   Arnie Moore   Beads of Courage Boxes - Part 2: turning

Visit the calendar below to see what is currently happening or is scheduled
over the next few months. Included here are dates for our main monthly demonstration meetings as well as for popular in-person events like Hands On Turning.

All events listed are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
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