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Calendar of Events

Following is a list of Guild events scheduled for 2024.
Visit this page regularly to review updates to topics, presenters, or schedules.
Monthly Meetings and Other Events

Jan 17    Arnie Moore, Creating Staves
Feb 21    Steve Cook, Salt Shaker & Pepper Grinder
Mar 20    Leslie Ballard    Turning Resins
Apr 17    Nick Cook         Lidded Boxes
May 15    Alan Leland       Live Edge Goblet

Jun 19    Sammy Long        Creative Relief Carving
Jul 17    Harvey Meyer      Long Stem Goblet With Rings
Aug 21    Dan Douthart      Lighted Urchin Ornament
Sep 18    Pat Carrol        (TBD)
Oct 16    Mark SIllay       (TBD)

Nov 20    (TBD)

Dec 18    Christmas Party

Monthly Hands-On-Turning (H.O.T.) Sessions​

Jan 3   HOT Class      Arnie Moore   Preparing a staved Bowl
Jan 17  HOT Class II   Arnie Moore   Turning a Staved BOC Bowl
Feb 7   HOT Class      Charlie/Katie Wig Stands
Feb 21  HOT Class II   Steve Cook    Salt Shaker & Pepper Grinder
Mar 6   HOT Class      TBD)          The Challenge Bowl
Mar 20  HOT Class II   Arnie Moore   Staved Beads of Courage Box
Apr 3   HOT Class      Marcus Jones  Making Rings      
Apr 17  HOT Class II   Nick Cook     Lidded Boxes
May 1   HOT Class      Alan Leeland  Turning A Sphere
May 15  HOT Class II   Alan Leeland  (TBD)
Jun 5   HOT Class      Seth Gamba    Spinning Tops

Jun 19  HOT Class II   Sammy Long    Creative Relief Carving
Jul 17  HOT Class II   (TBD)
Aug 7   HOT Class      Charlie Levan 
Lighted Urchin Ornament
Aug 21  HOT Class II   Tom Biehl     Lighted Urchin Ornament

Sep 4   HOT Class      Wayne Johnson Platter w/Basket Illusion
Sep 18  HOT Class II   (TBD)
Oct 2   HOT Class      Marcus Jones  Honey Pot
Oct 16  HOT Class II   (TBD)
Nov 6   HOT Class      (TBD)
Nov 20  HOT Class II  

Dec 6   Hot Class      (TBD)

Visit the calendar below to see what is currently happening or is scheduled
over the next few months. Included here are dates for our main monthly demonstration meetings as well as for popular in-person events like Hands On Turning.

All events listed are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)
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